Performance Investigation of HV Insulators Coated by Silicon Rubber

This paper discusses important parameters for evaluating room temperature vulcanized (RTV) silicone rubber coatings for high voltage insulators of substations and overhead lines. It presents the results of conducted tests for 3 different commercial RTVs which  are used by utilities nowadays. Tracking and erosion resistance, loss of hydrophobicity, mechanical strength, thermo-gravimetric analysis, and scanning electron microscopy, have been employed to evaluate these coatings in laboratory. As a final conclusion, RTV-C, which has both ATH and silica fillers with the filler size about 1μm, shows the best electrical, mechanical and chemical performance among available insulators. It is recommended for applying to ceramic insulators in the field.

Ali Naderian, Majid Sanaye-Pasand, Hosein Mohseni
Saleh Moonesan , Ayman H. El-Hag , Edward Cherney
Shesha Jayaram2, Gholamreza Jalali
Electrical and Computer Engineering , Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran
High Voltage Lab, Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Electrical Department, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
Alvand Pooya Niroo Co., Tehran

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