Surface Degradation of Outdoor Polymeric Insulators Resulting from Electrical and Environmental Stress

The use of polymer material in outdoor insulation applications has been steadily increasing over time. This paper reports on experimental investigation on electrical and surface properties of new polymeric alloy compared with silicone rubber (SIR), ethylene-propylene–diene monomer (EPDM), and  alloy of SIR-EPDM. In this study a few kinds of a ternary blend of silicone rubber – ethylene-propylene diene monomer -TP (Thermoplastic polymer)  with many different proportions were prepared and consequently the surface and electrical (tracking and erosion resistance) properties of them  have been studied. The results of tests showed that the surface properties such as water repellency and electrical properties such as tracking and  erosion resistance in different condition (UV aging, water salinity aging, and humidity salt spray stress) are improved compared to known polymeric  insulators.

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