An Adaptive PID Controller in STATCOM Application for Performance Improvement Based On the Genetic Algorithm

Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) is a device capable of solving the power quality problems at the power system. These problems happen in milliseconds and because of the time limitation; it requires the STATCOM that has continuous reactive power control with fast response. In this way, optimal exploitation of STATCOM by classical controllers has been a controversial issue in reputable journals. One of the most common controlling devices in the market is the Proportional-Integral Derivative (PID) controller. In this article, the STATCOM is controlled by PI and PID controllers. A new control method that is a Model Reference Adaptive Control method (MRAC) based on the combination of PID control and the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is introduced. Genetic algorithm is employed to find the best values for PID controller’s parameters in a very short time. The simulation results show an improvement in current control response. These methods are tested in MATLAB, and their results are obtained.

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