New Heuristic Algorithm Optimizing PID

A New Heuristic Algorithm for Optimizing PID Controller On AVR Systems

download file : A New Heuristic Algorithm for Optimizing PID Controller On AVR Systems

In recent years, Evolutionary Algorithms (EA’s) are used in solving many numerical optimization problems and their strengths and weaknesses identified and new strategies for improving them are provided. This paper introduces the Vectors Swarm Optimization Algorithm (VSO) and tryout on a PID controller of a Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Systems. Although the idea of new algorithm is very simple and looks easy, but yet there are no exact theory to respond to assess the high speed and accuracy algorithm. The proposed algorithm’s perform on the vectors in the D dimension space so that each vector represents the answer of problem. These vectors by appropriated orientation during algorithm process converge to global optimization. The performance results of optimized PID controller on a AVR Systems by VSO algorithm show that the algorithm converge is quickly and more accurately than other methods. Optimization is the process of making something better . In simple terms, optimization is the attempt to maximize system’s desirable properties while simultaneously minimizing its undesirable characteristics. Improvement of technologies in all sciences as engineering sciences, and so problems becoming larger and more complex, make classical optimization methods with regard to importance of time and accuracy no more are able to solve problems with large dimensions.

A. Afroomand  -A.A. Gharaveisi – F. Mohseni Pour
Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University
Kerman – Iran

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