Dielectric Response Studies on Insulating System of High Voltage Rotating Machines

A significant method to characterize the electrical properties of materials and to evaluate the condition of the insulating systems is the dielectric  response study which can be done in the time or frequency domain. The dielectric response measuring results can be affected by different  parameters like measuring voltage, temperature, water content and aging condition of insulating system. In this work numerous measurements are presented, thus to understand, how the dielectric response measurement results can be affected by the water content and aging condition of  insulating system of high voltage rotating machines in the time and frequency domain. Because of the importance of the dielectric response  application as a nondestructive diagnostic method the possibilities and limitations of this method to reflect the deterioration processes due to thermal and electrical stress were investigated. As test object, actual stator bars were used, that were manufactured with Epoxy VPI technology.

Mohsen Farahani, Hossein Borsi, Ernst Gockenbach
University of Hannover, Institute of Electric Power System (Schering-institute)

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