Transformers dry out using filtration technique

Presence of water in oil filled electrical equipment can seriously damage insulation system. Equipment owner are making every effort to keep the  moisture low by using protective equipment to avoid ingress of moisture from air, but normal insulation deterioration lead to moisture formation and accumulates in solid insulation system. This moisture accumulation in the insulation system reduces life and performance of the equipment and can  not be easily removed. To remove the moisture from insulation paper several techniques can be used but rapid removal of moisture from the oil is  unable to dry the insulating paper. This paper describes a technique, which is capable of removing moisture from solid insulation, using absorbent  filters. The system used on-line on live transformers with satisfactory results. It is safe easy and economic to operate.

Professor Pahlavanpour
Nynas Naphthenics Ltd,
Wallis House, 76North Street
Guildford Surrey

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