Microwave filter Using Photonic Crystal Structure

Photonic crystal structures have a certain photonic band gap that prevents propagating of wave (light) in certain frequencies with certain  polarizations or incident angles. The properties of this band gap (attenuation and bandwidth) depend on parameters of the dielectric periodic  structure, such as relative permittivity constant ( r ε ), Fill Factor (f), etc, that would be discussed. In this paper, we will consider the properties of a  scaled measurement of two-dimensional square lattice of dielectric columns. It has a band gap in microwave frequencies (instead of light wave frequencies) due to its big scale. Also, we simulate other structures for approaching our desired parameters of band gap and observe effects of  changing the parameters of the structure on the properties of the band gap (using S-parameters).

Sobhan Soleymani, Nima Torabkhani, Mohammad Shahrokh Esfahani
, Mahmoud Shahabadi
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Tehran

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