A Novel Approach to Design of Electromagnetic Band Gap as a Microwave Filter

In this paper; we introduce a novel two dimensional (2D) triangular Electromagnetic Band Gaps (EBG) design. Our procedure is based on the general properties of periodic structures and continues with examining the effect of changing the size and different aspect of parameters using HFSS 10  (High Frequency Structure Simulator). In the next step, we fabricate three different structures and in respect to measurement methods, we test  them precisely and compare them with simulation results. After that, in regard to various results of preceding experiments, we achieve versatile rules which lead us to a novel design.

Amir Saman Nooramin, Mohammad Radfar, Samira Zali Asl, Javad Moshfegh,
Mahmoud Shahabadi
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran

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