Inclusion of Weather Effects in Reliability Evaluation for System Combining Photovoltaic Generation

This paper presents a method for the reliability evaluation of distribution system, including the influence of the weather on the components and the  photovoltaic (PV) generations. Unlike the generators of transmission system, those of distribution system have complexities in analyzing and determining the operation. Particularly, PV generation cannot carry out constant electric power and it has changeable output characteristics  according to radiation and ambient temperature. In the process of evaluate reliability, it could be shown that many accidents occur mainly in adverse weather than in normal weather. It also increases the failure rate of PV system and reduces power output rapidly. Due to these characteristics, new approach methods that different from the previous are needed. Therefore, modeling technique of PV system to analysis distribution system reliability considering weather effects is proposed in this paper, and is compared with the other modeling method as a result of the distribution system reliability evaluation.

Distributed Generation (DG), Distribution System,
Photovoltaic (PV) Generation, Reliability, Weather Effects

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