A Proposed Method for Reliable Scheduling in Deregulated Power Systems

Electric power systems are typically scheduled at least cost subject to technical and reliability constraints. This paper presents a probabilistic approach for reliable scheduling in restructured power system. A competitive structure is proposed which includes a purchasing agency with centrally optimized scheduling (MaxISO structure). Spinning and non-spinning reserves are considered in the proposed approach. The value of risk is deduced from the generation model. The required generation model is constructed using the  outage replacement rate (ORR) of units. The load forecast uncertainty is included in reliability evaluation. This is due to the increased  uncertainty associated with competition. The concept of area risk curves is used to allow the inclusion of non-spinning reserve. The  performance of the proposed approach is verified through numerical case studies using a test system.

A. Ehsani, A. M. Ranjbar, A. R. Shirani, M. Fotuhi-Firuzabad1
Sharif University of Technology
Niroo Research Institute
Iran Grid Management Company

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