Design a Band-pass Pseudo-2-path Switched Capacitor Ladder Filter

  A sixth order band-pass pseudo-two-path switched-capacitor ladder filter is designed. Sampling frequency is 300 kHz. Center frequency of the filter i   75  kHz and its bandwidth is 1.5 kHz. A fully differential telescopic OPAMP is designed for filter integrators i  µm CMOS technology using HSPICE (level 49 ver. 3.11) simulator. Pass band gain of the filter is 0.5 db with (Vin)p-p = 4V. Supply voltage is 3V. STHDR is obtained 56.1 db with (Vin)p-p = 1.2V at fin ˜ 74.9 kHz Total power consumption of filter is 153 µW. Maximum capacitor spread is 53

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