Analysis and Design of a Novel Dual Band Frequency Selective Surface Based on Inset Crossed-Dipoles Fractal Geometry Using 3D FDTD Method

The multiband properties of selfsimilar fractals can be exploited to design multiband frequency selective surfaces (FSS). One of the fractal shapes used for multiband FSS design is inset crossed-dipole fractal. The inset crossed-dipole fractal can be used to generate FSS with band more closely separated than the other fractal designs. In this paper the inset crossed-dipole FSS is simulated by the FDTD method in conjunction with unit cell approach and also a novel multiband FSS based on the inset crossed-dipoles through adding horizontal arms to dipoles generated at the first stage of fractal iteration is introduced. The proposed design has a multiband characteristic in which the frequency ratio of the bands is less than two which could not be achieved by inset crossed-dipoles FSS

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