Self-contained Approach for Data Collection and Data Analysis of a Nation-wide Protection System

Malfunction of system protection often contributed to outages in HV-grids. This was again experienced with the recent blackouts in North America and Europe. In threshold countries the situation is even more critical due to the fast increasing power demand. The HV  grid is continuously growing, however, system protection is not always consequently adapted and coordinated. Many utilities now have recognized the need to check protection performance with the aim to upgrade existent protection equipment and to adapt protection settings where necessary. Thereby the major problem is the enormous amount of data to be handled. It requires a throughout  automated computer based process from data collection, plausibility and consistency check to data evaluation. This paper discusses a  self-contained method of protection data collection and analysis using Excel and Visual-Basic software packages. This contribution will  be presented as a joint paper of the Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC), Siemens AG and the University of Erlangen, Germany  within the context of a common project for power system enhancement.

G. Ziegler, N. Schäfer, W. Gawlik
Siemens AG, PTD SE PTI
T. Keil, J. Jäger
University of Erlangen-
K. Abbasi, H. Eisazadeh
Iran Grid Management

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