Performance Analysis of Hierarchical Control of a Power System subject to Communication Failures

In this paper, the effects of communication link failure in hierarchical control of large scale power systems are studied. Due to the complexity of an analytical approach, a linguistic model is preferred and a set of fuzzy rules has been generated to enable the prediction of coordinator performance on the many different operational conditions. It has been tried to consider the major  parameters of large scale power systems which have a distinctive role in this overall performance and specifically the coordination. Simulation results show that in normal communication conditions of the system, if a link is disconnected, the coordination time should  be equal or greater than the time constant of the system to avoid steady state error. However, in abnormal conditions, it’s better to  have short coordination times to achieve acceptable performance.

Fatemeh MirMohamadi Ahmad Afshar
Department of Electrical Engineering, AmirKabir University
Tehran, Iran

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