PCBs removal from transformer oil by solvent extraction

Extraction and destruction of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) as a major persistent organic pollutants (POPs) compound, has been attracted many environmental research activities. Mostly, this  compound had been produced for use in electrical equipment, especially as transformer oil. PCBs problem has caused to quarantine an enormous volume of such expensive oil. This study has been directed towards the development of a cost – effective technology for removing PCBs from contaminated transformer oils to methanol, so that oil remains usable. PCBs extraction by methanol has two benefits: 1- easy destruction by Pd/Fe  catalyst in aqueous solutions. 2- oil’s usefulness without necessary to apply additional processes. In this research, PCBs extraction data and its  equilibrium behavior in oil – methanol phases have been presented. Extraction effects on oil characteristics and results have been inspected.  L2000-Dexil analyzer as a choice for PCBs analysis among standard approaches, has restrictions in methanol. To solving this problem, a new method  has been introduced to analyze PCBs in methanol solutions.

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