Online Medical Assistant (OMA): A Dynamic CollaborativeWeb-based Medical Decision-Support Intelligent System

The Online Medical Assistant (OMA) is a dynamic collaborative web-based medical decisionsupport expert system in which medical self-diagnosis expert systems are integrated inside as medical engines which respectively focus on different medical domains, and the portal of the system plays  the role of a coordinator which merges the web pages, medical engines and all kinds of application programming interfaces (API) into one web-based system. The Development of such kind of web-based medical decision-support expert system is not intended to replace the role of physicians in the  diagnostic inference process, but to be a decision-support assistant for the physicians and medical experts in the procedures of diagnostic reasoning.

Z. Junchuan, C. Xufeng, W. Jingbo, D. Meyer, M. Fathi-Torbaghan
Institute of Knowledge-based Systems, Department of Electrical Eng. and Computer Science
University of Siegen

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