Maintenance decisions enabled through oil testing

One of the most important tools in a condition based maintenance strategy is to have a convenient, reliable and cost efficient method to identify  deteriorating condition of a transformer. This method shall preferably be applicable whilst the transformer is on-line. Such a method will reduce the  need for invasive maintenance substantially. For transformers, their tap changers, bushing, diverter and oil breakers this tool is the analysis of an oil  sample, usually performed in a well equipped off site laboratory. Pump wear, abrasion, overheating, paper and oil ageing, discharge and arcing can all  be diagnosed from such a test. An oil sample is taken in periodic intervals, depending on the asset condition and sent to laboratory for analysis.  Results from the oil analysis are used to diagnose and assess the condition of the unit.

Professor Pahlavanpour and Dr M Eklund
Nynas Naphthenics Ltd

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