Low-cost 3D scanning using Linear Laser beam and a Webcam

In this paper we present experimental results on a novel Low-cost 3D scanning method using the threedimensional laser scanning technology with  Linear Laser beam and a Webcam (LLW) that apples for visual laser scanning mechanisms for the selection of points of interest in an arbitrary scene. Alternatively, 3D laser scanning is an established technology that can provide high resolution range images of object surfaces. We describe a method  to extract these surfaces from scanned range images, register them in 3D mode, and combine them into a single surface representing the particular  object from which volume, area, and thickness can be computed. The vast majority of the primary attended locations pointed to scene objects of  potential interest for navigation and object detection tasks. Moreover, both sensor modalities complement each other, resulting in a greater variety  of points of interest than one modality alone can provide. We validated (LLW) method by using it in mobile robots that generate an environment  maps in rescue class robotic competition. Building 3D maps involves a number of issues. This paper addresses the issue of how to fuse the geometry  data of the laser beam with webcam. The proposed algorithm allows texturing geometrical 3D scenes-models.

A. A. Soltani nia, Ahmad BiyagOwi

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