Interference-Limited Analysis of the Convolutionally Coded Optical OOK/BPPM CDMA System

The convolutional-coded Optical CDMA systems with On-Off Keying (OOK) and Binary Pulse Position Modulation (BPPM schemes are studied in this paper. In this work, the employment of a single hard limiter is also considered. We evaluate the upper bound on the bit error probabilities of our proposed schemes under the interference-limited condition. For a convolutional coded optical OOK-CDMA system we drive a more accurate upper bound than that obtained by Dale in 1995. It is shown that the implementation of convolutional codes in an optical CDMA system provides significant improvement in system performance Furthermore, for a certain bit error rate, our proposed schemes enable the use of Optical Orthogonal Codes (OOCs) with less weight and hence increase the channel bit rate compared to the one required in the uncoded system

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