Implementation of Increasing energy efficiency policies by deploying green energy resources in Water and waste water industry

This investigation will talk about the brilliant potencies in water and waste water industry for implementation of energy efficiency policies by deploying vast varietal green resource in water and waste water related facilities. Since one of the key parameters of energy efficiency is loss in power distribution networks, and keeping in mind the great role of distributed energy generation in improving this factor  this paper introduces water and waste water industry, as a great potency for producing variety of distributed renewable energy resources in order to increase energy
efficiency in system and implementation of energy efficiency improvement policies. Due to its infrastructures, facilities, equipment, and as the most important asset, water pressure and flow, for energy generation, water and waste water industry can be considered as a window to energy efficiency improvement in Iran. In this paper we will point to categories of these potencies and rough amount of them is calculated for Tehran city in order to draw a sketch of the potencies that this industry has but are neglected by executive

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