Immune Based Control System of Thermal Power Plant

 Proportional – Integral – Derivatives PID controllers are used in the control system of power plant In order to effectively control such a complicated or fast running system this paper suggests an approach for tuning the PID controllers for unstable processes. When control theory is applied to solve problems of power plant systems, the decentralized controller is usually required for an excessive information gathering and an extensive computational requirement to make such a controller system to apply. This paper also addresses whether an intelligent tuning method by multiobjective based on an immune algorithm can be used effectively for disturbance rejection on control system of power plant. This paper focuses on the design of an optimal controller that can actually be operated on a generating system. Parameters P, I, and D encoded in antibody are randomly allocated during selection processes to obtain an optimal gain for plant. The suggested controller can also be used effectively in the power plant since the controller needs no feed forward or cascade loop

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