Evaluation of Design Parameters For HRSG CostOptimization

Now a day due to the increasing cost of fuel and energy, heat recovery requirement is more sensible. For this reason, using of HRSGs which have  been designed to operate in high pressure and temperature conditions is necessary for recovery of flue gas waste energy of gas turbine. In HRSGs,  the amount of recovered heat, maximum steam temperature and maximum working pressure of boiler is depended on the capability of adjusting the difference temperature of gases and heating surfaces. Many parameters have been considered for each HRSG’s heating surfaces. All of these  parameters affect on the HRSG cost and size, but it is not necessary to consider all these factors in all designs. In this paper, these parameters and  the amount of their effect on HRSG cost has been investigated in order to design the most efficient boiler. The effect of parameters variations on  HRSG width, height and pressure drop has been studied. The parameters that have been considered were tube arrangement, fin density and super  heater and reheater tube diameter. Finally, the values of these parameters in order to HRSG cost optimization have been presented.

F.Mosallat – M.R.Shahnazari – M.Ziabasharhag
Mechanical Faculty of K.N.Toosi University of Technology

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