Building Autonomous Line Followers with Arduino and PID

A lot of guides and webpages already cover autonomous line following robotics with an Arduino, but most of them just throw a sketch and a few  pictures and a video of their effort at you. There is limited scope for experimentation, improvisation and ‘tinkering’ as Massimo Banzi calls it! People  have described their efforts at building their robot in detail, but the fact still remains that it is THEIR robot, and you will obviously not build the same  robot as they did. This guide in that sense intends to help you build your own robot, crafting your own design as you read along. This is what I believe, makes this unique! This is made with both a beginner and novice in mind, so don’t fret if you find something too new (read up on it before  continuing) or too easy (please bear with us and continue reading!). Hope you like this, and find robotics as much fun as we did! Please feel free to  share this and post/upload it wherever you want to! Knowledge should be free and this will always be!

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