Assessment of O&M Cost and Reliability of Wind Turbine System by Markov chain model

Nowadays medium size of wind turbines has a major function in utilization of wind energy in the world. The most shares of wind
turbines which have been installed in Iran are medium sized. Iran Renewable Energy Organization (SUNA) is set forth in renewable energies field specially wind energy projects in Iran. Manjil wind farm is one of these projects. SUNA is responsible for operation and maintenance of the wind farm. In order to research and asses the technical performance, we select a wind turbine and operational data of the turbine are used. In this paper, using statistical evaluation and failure data, we have evaluated reliability
and economics of the system. Also we will view the analysis of risk of the turbine. We have used Markov model and event tree
analysis to determine reliability of the system. The cost of operation and maintenance of the system up to now is 2.5 percent of capital
cost. Results show 93% availability and 35 % load factor supposing wind conditions. Value of risk is determined about 13000 $ annually.

A.Nowrouzi- Technical Expert of Wind Energy Dept.-SUNA-Ministry of Energy
A. Shirzad Siboni – Technical Expert of Wind Energy Dept. – SUNA-Ministry of Energy
M.T Zafranchizadeh- Manager of Wind Energy Group- Ministry of Energy
Tehran, Iran

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