Arduino Projects: Home Automation System

Arduino Projects: Home Automation System Using a Simple Android App

Arduino Projects: Home Automation System Using a Simple Android App :

Circuit and working of Home Automation Using Android

The home automation circuit is built around Arduino Uno board, Bluetooth module HC-05 and a 3-channel relay board. The number of channels depends on the number of appliances you wish to control. Arduino Uno is powered with a 12V DC adaptor/power source. The relay module and Bluetooth module can be, in turn, powered using a board power supply of Arduino Uno.

Bluetooth module. Bluetooth module used in this project is HC-05 (Fig. 4), which supports master and slave mode serial communication (9600-115200 bps) SPP and UART interface. Using these features it can communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The module runs on 3.3V to 5V power supply.

The app on your smartphone sends data when you click on buttons or feed voice commands via Bluetooth in the mobile to Bluetooth module HC-05 connected with Arduino board. Received data pin TXD of the HC-05 is connected to Arduino. Arduino Uno processes the received data and controls the relay board accordingly.

Procedure for installing the Android app (.apk) is as follows:
1. Download the app (homeautomation.apk) . Copy it to your Android smartphone.
2. Run .apk file. It will prompt you to complete the action. Click Package Installer and then Install.
3. You will also need a voice-recognition app on your Android smartphone. Most smartphones have this app preinstalled. If you do not have it, download one from Google Play Store.

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