An Innovation Method for Installation of Wind and Solar Power in A Power System

This paper introduces an applicable procedure for installing Wind and Solar Power Recourses (WSPR) into a power system granted by the Japanese Government Research Program so called “21 Century Center-Of-Excellence (COE)”. The advantages of this research is  that, instead of involving in very complicated calculation, it uses the Domain-Link Method (DLM) which examines multiple operating  parameters of power system so as to determine the best location for installing the WSPR. The solution is then verified using the  Maximizing Decision Method (MDM) to ensure it is indeed an optimal solution by examining the operational conditions of an existing  power system based on four operating parameters, i.e., environment, economy, reliability and stability. This procedure is carried out  using the IEEE 30-Bus test system that is taken as an existing power system in this paper. Another advantage of this procedure is that successive installation of WSPR can be conducted by using the same DLM and verifying procedures based on the system characteristic  formed from the previous installation. This paper demonstrates that the installation sites may be more easily managed and  re-evaluated by using a composite index to track the contribution of wind and solar energy to an existing power system.

Bahman Kermanshahi
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Zulati Litipu
Synthetic Research Centre of Ashikaga Institute of Technology
Chi-Hung Kelvin Chu
Bell Laboratories
High Reliability Network Architecture and Services

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