Acquisition of Wideband Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum Signals In System C

Wideband (UWB) radio is gaining increasing attention thanks to its attractive features that include low-power low-complexity base band operation and ample multipath diversity. In another side using system C for implementing systems on a chip has a lot of advantages. The goal of this paper is to implement a proper algorithm for DS_UWB timing acquisition in system C. In this paper we implement an algorithm for a direct sequence ultra  wideband receiver with single user and we use IEEE standard channel model, therefore interference such as MUI and ISI are present. In this design  data rate, chip rate and sampling rate are about 110Mb/s, 660Mchip/s and 4GS/s that are proper for DS_UWB and also the achieved BER is  acceptable.

Zhila Amini Sheshdeh
University of Tarbiat Modares

Abdolreza Nabavi
University of Tarbiat Modares

Mohammad Bagher
Ghaznavi Ghoushchi

University of Tarbiat Modares

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