A Study to Estimate Generator Armature Leakage Reactance Using Potier Approximation

Generator armature leakage reactance represents the portion of machine flux that doesn’t link the field and flux path mainly pass the  air gaps and often is obtained from manufacturer data. In many old units in an existing power system, however, this parameter is not  available. This paper is a study on some Iranian Power plant units for estimating armature leakage reactance from Potier reactance  calculation. Two cases was studied, one for units with available leakage reactance to determine the errors and other for units with no  leakage available. Study showed this method is capable for estimating leakage reactance with acceptable errors.

M. R. Bank Tavakoli
Amir Kabir University of Technology

H. Gharagozloo
Tarbiat modares University

M. Zare Garizi
Iran Grid Management Co.

A. R. Mirzaei
Tehran Regional Electric Company

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