A Novel Inverter for Shunt Active Power Filters

this paper presents a new Inverter topology (abbreviated as Twin inverter) for Inverter base shunt active power filters. Unlike the conventional topologies, this new topology operates in continuous conduction mode, which helps the designer to select higher values  for inductors in order to have smaller ripple current without any appalling effect on system performance. This topology shows smaller  duration in current spikes and then lowers THD due to rapid changes in direction of inverter current. Another advantage of this topology compare with traditional topology is that both switches for each branch can be turned on at the same time which mitigates the short circuit risk and makes this opportunity to have separate control loops for each switch. The simulation results confirm the  mentioned advantages for Twin inverter topology.

Mohsen Mesbah -Iman Sadinezhad
IUST -Shahid Chamran University

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