A High Step-up Double-Input DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Power Conditioning Systems in Micro Grids

Hybrid power supply systems are widely used in many applications. Due to low reliability of Photovoltaics(PVs) in generating regulated electric power, requirement of energy storage devices with PVs is undeniable. In low voltage PVs, high gain DC-DC converters are used to connect them to 400V DClink. In this paper a high step-up soft switching double input DCDC converter is proposed to increase the performance of hybrid power supply systems. The proposed converter is analyzed and discussed. Operation intervals of the converter is presented in section II, Voltage gain of the converter is derived in section III and soft switching condition is presented in section IV. A Design example is carried out in section V and simulation results are presented in section VI to validate the characteristics of the proposed converter. Finally, a comparison is performed with other type of converters to show the advantages of the proposed hybrid supply system

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